Neck pain exercises

Neck pain exercises form a common treatment regime for neck pain. Many a times, neck pain is due to minor misalignment of spine and shoulder. A poor posture and improper movement are the two main reasons for underlying neck pain problems.

Exercises are part of treatment for joint pains. Each exercise regime is designed keeping in mind the area of pain. In addition, treating is not enough. It is really important to identify the cause of constant nagging pain.

A neck exercise program consists of providing flexibility, strengthening and stretching to the joints in and around the neck area. Some general benefits of exercising are as follows:-

benefits of exercisingBoost overall metabolism of body

  1. Reduces the risk of heart diseases
  2. Improves joint health
  3. Improvised immunity
  4. Balance of hormones
  5. Less mood swings
  6. Sound and healthy sleep



Exercises to relieve neck pain

Neck pain can make your daily activities painful .A recurrent neck pain may be accompanied by shoulder pain , headache and lower/upper back pain. As a result of recurrent pain, muscles of neck and surrounding muscles of upper and lower back become tense. Muscles tensioning lead to neck pain and stiffness.

Neck exercises are designed to let load bearing joints ( hips, shoulders, ankles, knees) work in a synchronized and coordinated way .Some of simple neck stretches are as follows:-

Neck turnNeck turn : As the name indicates, it involves turning. Standing in a straight and well aligned posture, turn your head towards one side. While turning your head, make sure chin is at the same height in each turn. Hold one turning position for 5 seconds in order to tense your neck muscles. Swing your head like a pendulum taking a pause when you return your head to central position.


Neck rollsNeck rolls : It involves tilting your head to the right with the straight back and slowly rolling it down (chin to chest) and like a pendulum towards your left (making a “U” shape). Then again reverse it towards your right. Repeat 5 times for each direction. Do not forget to just roll your head and neck sideways and forward, do not move  your neck in backward position, it may cause unnecessary pressure on your spine.


Chin Tuck stretchChin Tuck stretch : It is a postural exercise to fight neck pain. It can be done at any time and more the repetitions, better the postural habits. Keeping your back against the wall, pull the upper back and head back till the time the back of your head touches the wall. Throughout the exercise make sure your chin is in downward direction. One should hold the head against the wall for 5-7 seconds repeating it for ten times in a go. One can use the headrest as wall while driving car.


Neck side tiltNeck side tilt : It is one of the most easy neck stretches. In this simple exercise, neck should be tilted in downward direction touching your ear to the shoulder. Alternate left and right stretches can be performed. Hold onto each stretch for 5 seconds and repeat five times on each side.



Neck rotationNeck rotation : It is one of the common warm up exercises. This simple rotation helps in warming of small muscles that play important role in head movement and stability he first important point which should be noted down is of standing with the straight back. Start by tilting your head forward and then touching your chin to chest. Keep rotating your head to the back. Anti-clockwise movement following clockwise movement should be the criteria.


Neck retractionNeck retraction : It can be performed in a sitting or standing position. Your head must be pulled back as far possible Hold the stretch for 5-7 seconds. It makes your spines strong as well as gives relief from neck pain.

With over seventy percent of the population has neck pain. It is always best to start with these simple neck stretching exercises. One important clue should be taken from neck pain relieve exercises. What is the clue? If the neck pain remains the same even after considerable neck pain exercise regime, then seek medical help. One of the reasons for the constant pain even after exercising may be due to the wrong way of doing exercises.

    `Happiness is- less stiff nick in long working hours in front of your computer

               Give a natural healing to your neck pain by some neck pain relieving exercises’


Neck pain exercises? In case of any info or query regarding this, please add in comments.

Neck pain exercises
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