Runner’s knee is Patellofemoral pain syndrome which appears during running in the anterior knee and also known as anterior knee pain. The bone patella and femur present below the kneecap, start rubbing against each other which result in damage to knee cartilage. This cartilage protects you from shock but due to damage, pain occurs behind the kneecap.

It is most common in a runner and can also affect the individual who overuses knees by biking, jumping or walking. Generally, the pain is mild at starting but increases during running or even at rest. It starts hurting while doing a simple daily activity like walking up and down the stairs.

If the pain is minor initial care should be taken which include rest and ice pressure on the affected area. But, if the pain goes on increasing, it requires therapy and surgery.

Here are several causes that can lead to Runner’s Knee problems and sudden pain. The different causes are given below:-

Different causes that lead Runner’s Knee

Different-causes-that lead-Runner’s-Knee

1.  Unnecessary Bending: –

In daily activities, you have to bend your knees many times. The overuse bending and doing high-stress exercises can irritate the tissues around your kneecap. The tissues get damaged and lead to pain in your knee.

2.  Bones Dislocation:-

The bone dislocation may result in several disorders and pain. This is also called as malalignments. The bones from hips to ankles get out of their correct position, including kneecap and put more pressure on joints. The kneecaps are not able to move smoothly and can cause pain.

3.  By Increasing Running Distance:-

If you increase the running distance, it causes overuses of your knee which results in pain in your knee. It can also occur due to wearing old running shoes.

4.  Weak Thigh Muscles: –

The big muscle present in the front of your thigh helps to keep your kneecap in place during bending and stretching. Due to weakness in this muscle, kneecap may not stay in the right position.

Symptoms of Runner’s Knee

The starting symptom for runner’s knee is it starting pain below or around the kneecap. You feel pain during your daily activity.

You may feel pain:

·        During walk

·        Climbing or Descending stairs

·        Squatting

·        Running

·        Sitting down or standing up

·        Sitting for a long time with the knee bent

·         Swelling of knee

The pain mainly occurs outside of the knee and can affect the lower leg, thigh, and hip.

Natural Remedies that can treat Runner’s Knee


1.  Give a Rest to Your Knee :

The first step is to lower down the pressure on thigh bone and kneecap. Avoid the activity which can cause pain. The high stressed exercises and resistance training exercises should be avoided.

You also have to avoid bending the knee, taking the stairs, sitting for a long time period with knee bending position, and to wear high-heels. You have to keep your legs straight or slightly bend can be helpful to reduce pressure on your joints.

2.  To Apply Ice Packs :

Ice is helpful in reducing the inflammation and provides a quick and temporary relief from pain. So, you can apply ice pack on your knee to reduce the pain for 15–20 minutes every 2–3 hours and avoid applying ice directly to your skin. Cover the ice pack with a towel to prevent ice burn.

3.  Ginger or Turmeric for Pain Relief :

Usually, anti-inflammatory drugs are given for pain relief. Sometimes, they can lead to easing the pain in knee and harmful to our body. If you want a natural remedy for pain relief, you could take ginger or turmeric as a tea or add these spices to your cooking.

4.  Do Physical Therapy :

With the proper guidance of a doctor, it is necessary to take some physical therapy for an effective treatment of runner’s knee. A workout involves on strengthening which may result in the movement of the kneecap.

A physical therapy does not involve the any painful movements. Your therapist will design program for you that help you to decrease the pain during the physical examination.

5.  Wear Proper Footwear :

You have to wear proper footwear according to your physical activity that helps in preventing strain or sprain of the muscle. The shoes should be with proper fitting and with shock absorption.

6.  Posture during Exercise :

A proper position and posture should be following during exercise. Proper postures help in lower down the stress or strain on the muscle and give you relief from pain. Running should be done on a smooth surface and rough surface should be avoided.

Thus, by using these methods you can reduce the pain of runner’s knee. If the pain is more, you should have to take a treatment of orthopedic. With all these treatments you can also use some natural products which help you to reduce the pain naturally.

Here, is a natural product which helps you a lot to decrease the pain i.e. Dr. Ortho. It has a wide range of products which help in reducing pain. Dr. Ortho Ayurvedic Products are ( Dr. Ortho Capsules, Oil, Ointment, Spray, Patches, Crepe Bandage and Knee Cap.)


It is completely formulated with the Ayurvedic ingredients which lower the pain naturally. If you found the above article helpful then please like and share this information with the persons who are suffering from this type of pain and also comment your suggestions in the comment box.

Natural Remedies for Runner’s Knee
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