Joint pain becomes a common issue among all the people and the treatment become more difficult. It is discomfort that arises from joint which usually cause pain and sometimes swelling in joints.

It may affect one joint or may affect several different joints. The duration of joint pain depend upon cause of joint pain and how much they affected. As the reason for joint pain known, the treatment gets started and for pain doctor gives some painkillers.

Sometime, these painkillers may cause some side effects. Even acetaminophen, affects in different ways and make people less sensitive. That is why it is the time to turn to safer side and can use natural painkillers. Have a look to know about a number of natural pain killers.

Natural Painkillers: Pain Relief with the Power of Nature

1.  Reduce Pain with Spices that you use :

 Food is essential thing for body. If you love to eat spicy food, then you should know the benefits of these foods. The Reduce-Pain-with-Spices-that-you-usespices like hot peppers and others contain a heating compound called capsaicin.

The spicy food gives a burning sensation which stimulates brain and it start releasing endorphins which are natural pain reducing chemicals. They help in reducing the pain in your joints.

Just a small change in your diet gives you a large effect on reducing your joints inflammation. To decrease your joint pain make a healthy diet, exercise daily and reduce the intake of processed foods.

Capsaicin is also used in topical creams and ointments which used as topical pain-relieving. It provides a significant relief and lowers the pain after applying for 2 weeks.


2.  Use Pain-Relieving Oil :

Use-Pain-Relieving-OilA massage known as the best way to increase the blood circulation, stimulate the limbic system and stimulate the muscles and joints. The essential oils are generally used as pain-relieving oil to reduce the joint pain.

These oils are highly concentrated and should use them by mixing with massage oil such as olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, almond oil, sesame oil. You can also mix more than one essential oils together and sure about the purity of these oils.


They are useful in chronic pain in case of arthritis. In general use, Lavender and peppermint oils are very popular pain relievers.


3.  Epson Salt :Epson-Salt

Epson salt contains rich amount of magnesium which act as natural painkiller for joint pain and muscle soreness.


Add some Epsom salt in warm water and soak the affected area in it. A bath including this salt also becomes helpful to you for decreasing the inflammation.


4.  Aquatic Activities :

Water activities such as swimming, water aerobics known as helpful in joint pain and also increase flexibility and strength. The person who is suffering with osteoarthritis of the lower limbs, exercise in water reduce pain and improve body functioning.


5.  Stick Needles in it :

Pocking needle into your skin known as natural pain killer. It stimulates trigger points to reduce the pain. To reduce the shoulder pain, dry needling found to be more helpful in dealing with this pain. It reduces the chances of serious pain and musculoskeletal side effect by increasing the person motion.


6.  Take Required Supplements :

Human cartilage contains glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate which known as popular in treatment of pain and swelling associated with osteoarthritis. Chondroitin provide additional pain relief for people with knee and hand osteoarthritis.

Glucosamine has anti-inflammatory properties which help you to treat pain naturally. Without it daily movement and activities become impossible and painful. It is required by body in synthesis of protein and lipids which forms cartilage tissue.


7.  Add Fish to your Diet :


Fish contain a large amount of omega-3 fatty acids which has anti-inflammatory properties. These supplements help in reducing the joint pain and give a better feeling. Fatty acids help your body to produce its own anti-inflammatory hormones.

The person who has high level of these hormones feel less chronic pain like back, neck and joint pain. It also helps in increasing the joint mobility and reduces the inflammation.

8.  Make Habit to Wrap your Knee :

Are you suffering with joint pain or knee pain?  To decrease the swelling, pain and discomfort, you can wrap your joint before bed time. It gives extra support for the knee joints and improves the alignment while you working or walking.


As above all natural treatment explained which give you pain free joint by acting as natural painkillers. With these pain killers you can also try Ayurvedic products. One of them you can use Dr. Ortho Ayurvedic Products. They are the formulation of all natural ingredients and give you a natural pain relieving effect.

It has a complete range of Dr. Ortho Capsules, Oil, Ointment, Spray, Patches, Crepe Bandage and Knee Cap. They reduce pain and give a soothing effect to your joints with increase physical activities. Have you found this article helpful? Then please like, share and comment your suggestion.

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