A person of any age group or gender can suffer from the back pain. Continuous pain in back can make anyone’s life tough. A stiff or painful back will never allow you to perform your daily activities appropriately. Imagine, you get up early in the morning to prepare your office presentation, but your back is in a severe painful condition, “Will you be able to prepare that important stuff of your office?”

Well, after struggling a lot you complete the task. Let me ask one question “Are you sure it will be the exact same that you actually wanted to prepare?” No matter what your answer is, the main concern is how to get rid of this problem and why you suffer from the painful issue. If we talk about the reasons, your daily activities and carelessness can be one which results in uncomfortable back. To get relief from this very problem you can use pain relief spray or an effective Back Pain Relief Oil. However, it is necessary to make some improvements in daily life to be healthy.

Let’s start!


Long Drive :

Sometimes you have to drive for long hours to reach office or some other place. Long drives on regular basis are not good for your back. An improper and uncomfortable sitting posture during driving can lead to neck and back problems.


Therefore, sitting in the right posture is quite necessary while driving to prevent pain in back. Always try to sit in straight position, avoid extending your leg while driving, as it puts pressure on your back. If possible, take a 5 minute break and walk after 40 or 60 minutes’ drive.

Sitting Job :

Sitting in the same position for long hours is also a reason for the backache. Continuous sitting puts more pressure on your spine than standing. In most of the cases, it has been seen that people who sit for long hours in the same position are highly prone to backache.

While sitting in the same position most of us don’t realize that we are actually damaging back condition. Poor sitting posture is also one reason for the back pain.


Moreover, sitting for extending periods of time has been linked to several other health problems such as obesity, blood clots, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

So, to reduce the damage to your back while sitting, take frequent walking breaks.  Also sit on a chair that can support the curve of your spine. Besides this, your lower back should be supported, and your head should be straight while working at your computer screen.

Sitting in the proper position is highly necessary if you want to prevent yourself from backache.

High Heels :

We all know that most of the girls really feel crazy for the high heel shoes. To add some inches to height or to look taller they prefer high heels. But they don’t know how high heels can affect their back.

One of the main negative effects of wearing high heels on daily basis is lower back pain. Such shoes push lower back forward and make the hips and spine out of alignment. This in turn causes pain in your feet, legs, knees and lower pain.

High-Heels -is-the-reason-why-you-are-suffering-from-backache

Therefore, it is necessary to avoid wearing high heels if you want to prevent back ache. One good idea to relief from the lower back pain is stretching of muscles after wearing high heels. It is also necessary to change the shoes alternatively as same type on the regular basis can result in feet pain.

Heavy Bags :

Carrying heavy bags is also one of the main reasons for the backache. Usually ladies and students have the habit to carry heavy bags. When you carry a heavy bag over one shoulder, it puts excess pressure on the lower back as well as shoulder, which can result in severe pain.


You should not fill excess stuff in your handbag. If handbag is heavier, it can damage your back and shoulder. Always carry a lighter bag on your shoulder specifically when you have to walk far distance.

Wrong Mattress :

Sleeping on an old mattress or wrong mattress can trouble your back. Most of the people do not prefer changing their mattress, even after using it for years. Lack of support from a mattress can cause strain in muscles and also contribute to lower back pain.

Most of the people due to their stiff back find difficulty to push themselves from bed when they wake up in the morning. All this happens due to poor mattresses which allow your back to suffer more whole night without informing you.


So, to get rid of this problem you should always prefer such mattresses which can provide both comfort and back support.

These are some common reasons for back pain. So, you should always try such methods that can relieve this pain effectively.  For this purpose, no other option can be better than herbal remedy. You can use Dr. Ortho Ayurvedic medicinal oil.


Dr. Ortho Pain Relief Balm to massage your back daily. Dr. Ortho oil is made of 8 natural herbs which can relieve not only the pain of back but also other joint pains.

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Know the Reasons Why You Suffer from Backache ?
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