Neck pain is one of the most common pains which affects large chunk of population. Neck pain sufferers try to find recluse by popping up some pain relieving pills. These pain relieving pills do help but not in permanent and effective way. Now, Have you ever realized what has made you suffer with neck pain and related health issues like headache or cervical pain? I guess everyone can list down the reasons which had in one way or the other has lead to neck pain. Some common causes of neck pain include-

  • Incorrect posture while sleeping
  • Chronic shoulder pain
  • Neck injury
  • Severe infection of throat
  • Neck strain
  • Fibromyalgia

Let us take hold of most common cause of neck pain that is incorrect posture while sleeping !!

This factor plays the significant role in deciding the fate of neck pain. At one time, Neck pain may be caused by adopting wrong posture for sleeping; at another time, the already established neck pain can get worst by wrong posture for sleeping. Many people ignore the right sleeping position because they consider it not be an important part of neck pain treatment regime. In contrast, it is the very first factor which we can control and thus improvise our neck pain problem. The present blog will give you a good insight about various sleeping positions to be adopted for easing neck pain.

Many of your questions like `How do I get rid of a sore neck?’ or `Reasons you are waking up with sore neck?’ or `How do you sleep with painful neck?– can be answered by the adopting right and best sleeping positions. The motive of adopting best sleeping positions is to let your neck muscles relax in the most comfortable position so as not to aggravate neck pain problem.

 What is a good sleeping posture?


A good sleeping posture is defined to be a position in which least amount of strain is put joints and muscles in a way so that spine alignment is comfortably maintained. In contrast, a bad sleeping posture puts undue stress on joints and muscles thus putting entire alignment out of sort.

 Sleeping positions for neck pain?(with pictures)

  1. Straight back with thin pillow under your head

Dr Ortho Blog Images-1

Straight back sleep is excellent for neck pain and back pain.A thin soft pillow will tender neck muscles so as to relax them.

  1. Side posture sleep by using a thick soft pillow

Dr Ortho Blog Images-2

Some people are more comfortable while adopting side posture for sleeping. It is advisable to keep your spine upright and using a pillow that is a little higher than the pillow under your head.

These two are the best sleeping positions for neck pain. Well, one thing to keep in mind is not to adopt (prone position-On your stomach position 😀) when you are in neck pain. Avoid prone position as it increases the pain in neck area due to undue strain on neck muscles. Prone position sleepers neck pain sufferers don’t worry; it takes a time to make adjustments in your sleeping positions😀.

Pain can Slow Down your Life So apply DrOrthoOil to your Joints and get Relief from all JointPainsMy humble request to all neck pain sufferers is not to ignore sleeping postures; an incorrect posture is most common underlying cause for aggravating your neck pain.

Read more- Neck pain causes,signs and symptoms.

Importance Of Sleeping Positions For Neck Pain
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