Exercise is essential for physical fitness. Sports are included under exercise, some sports uses shoulder or shoulder joints excessively, for instance; cricket, badminton, tennis, etc. Warming up the shoulder before playing any shoulder related sport is necessary. So that the shoulder related games should utilize shoulders smoothly.  If shoulder not warmed up properly it might feel jerk and may cause frozen shoulder.

In this technological life has caused much harm to the health and the body. People have been careless regarding the exercise. For not exercising regularly may cause back, neck, joint and shoulder pain. Frozen shoulder is one of the diseases caused by lack of exercise. There are people in India who are struggling through pain the various body parts. The main reason includes sitting at front of computer for hours; not exercising or going out for the walk. Spending the whole day in same posture may freeze the joints. Frozen shoulder is usually found in professionals or women.

Frozen shoulder can be described as extreme pain and stiffness and movement of shoulder is restricted. Moving a shoulder causes pain and stiffness remains.

Shoulder is a ball and socket joint or spheroidal joint which is type of synovial joint. The ball is attached to the humerus bone of the arm which is movable and fixed bone is known as scapula. A connective tissue encircles the joint which attaches to the scapula, humerus and biceps.  The joint is attached to muscles, tendons and ligaments. To provide strength and stability, the shoulder joint is surrounded by rotator cuff which is the group of 4 muscles which are supraspinatus, subcapularis, infraspinatus and teres minor. This ball and socket helps the movement of shoulder in better way, but carelessly usage of joint may cause dislocation.


How frozen shoulder happens?

Synovial fluid enables the joint to move without friction. This causes the shoulder joint’s capsule to thicken and tighten, leaving less room for movement. Movement may become stiff and painful.


They are usually classified in three stages, as symptoms worsen gradually if not treated.

  • The freezing stage: The shoulder becomes stiff and becomes painful with movement. It limits the movement. The pain triggers at night.
  • The frozen stage: The shoulder becomes increasingly stiff, severely limiting range of motion. Pain may not diminish, but it does not usually worsen.
  • The thawing stage: Movement in the shoulder begins to improve. Pain may fade but occasionally recur.


Physician or physiotherapist most likely will diagnose frozen shoulder based on signs, symptoms, and a physical exam, to the arms and shoulders. The severity of pain is determined by pressure applied on to the arms and shoulder. Structural problems can only be identified with the help of imaging tests, such as an X-ray or MRI.


To preserve relieve from pain and increasing mobility and flexibility. With dedicated treatment more than 90% of patients are alleviate from pain. However, recovery may be slow, and symptoms can continue for several years.


Below are the treatments to light the frozen shoulder.

NSAIDS: Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, over the counter drugs helps in reducing pain and swelling. The over usage may lead to many other complications eg. Ibuprofen, meloxicam

Hot or cold compression packs: These packs can help in reducing pain and swelling only.

Corticosteroid injections: A steroid hormone that can reduces pain and swelling; these may be injected into the shoulder joint to nullify extreme pain. It is not encouraged to use as they have many adverse effects.

Physical therapy: Training exercise maintains mobility and flexibility as possible without straining the shoulder or causing too much pain.

Massage: Applying topically ayurvedic or herbal medicament such as oil, ointments or spray can reduce the pain as well as swelling with causing any harmful effects.

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The NSAIDS have much of the complications, might damaging the liver and stomach lining, corticosteroid injection has other complications. Physical therapy is essential for mobility and flexibility. The massage is a need with ointment, oil or spray with has no side effects only relieve from pain and swelling. For example, Dr. Ortho has been formulated using herbs carefully with long lasting relief from pain and swelling. It penetrates into the affected area resulting in quick relief with sustainable effect. Adding on Dr. Ortho ayurvedic capsules with oil has synergistic effect.


How frozen shoulder happens ?
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