Foods-for-strong-bonesFood and your Bones? Food serves an important component in guiding your health. We already know how junk food has put us more prone to catching up diseases. We owe a great responsibility in choosing right Foods for our Health. A wrong Food choice could trigger a chain of uneventful reactions in our body which can start another disease cycle amidst the already diseased condition scenario.

Hippocrates `Father of Medicine’ quoted so right. His lines are-

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy Food”  

Well, our food serves complete supplement as it has all that we need. But eating right thing at the right time makes us a good food chooser. So food is like a medicine when taken right as a remedy for a particular disease can cure your disease to give you a healthy mind and healthy body.

When we talk about Joint Health, we talk about foods for strong Bones and foods to avoid for Bone Pain or foods to avoid for Bone Health or Foods to avoid for Bone Degeneration.

List of Foods for Strong Bones include the following-

  • Calcium rich Foods like Milk, Cheese , Eggs and Dairy Foods
  • Soya Beans
  • Green Leafy Vegetables
  • Nuts
  • Fish food like Salmon, Sardines and Mackerel
  • Cereals
  • Pulses
  • Tofu

Foods for strong bones directly imply to foods which are rich in calcium and Vitamin D. Love these foods and beware of the foods that are bad for your Bones.

Foods to avoid for bone health include all the food items that are  snacks rich in salt content, sugary foods etc .That food is bad for your bones which reduces bone mineral density of bone thus inhibiting your body from absorbing adequate calcium from your bones.

Foods to fight Osteoporosis or foods to avoid for Bone Health include the following. These are as follows-

Sugary snacksSugary Snacks

Having a sweet tooth could be problematic for your joint health. A research study shows a direct correlation between high sugar intake and negative effect on bones. So limit the intake, instead binge on some healthy sweet fruits like cranberries or prunes which are also rich in antioxidants thus good for your joints.

Drinking-SodaDrinking Soda

Drinking soda like drinking water (7 to 8 glasses a day) is definitely not a green flag for the highway towards joint health. It extracts minerals from your bones and hence causes reduction in bone mineral density. This reduction in bone mineral density is responsible for making your bones fragile thus making you prone to fractures.

Caffeinated-drinksCaffeinated Drinks

Is caffeine bad for your Bones? Definitely it is bad when you run your digestive gut with cups of coffee .It leaches calcium from bones and makes your bones weak. Post-menopause women are more prone to effects of caffeinated drinks.

Say-no-to-alcoholSay no to Alcohol

Consume alcohol in moderation as excessive alcohol consumption can interfere with process of bone formation. So,Say no to alcohol.

Get-aware-of-inflammatory-foods-to-avoidGet aware of inflammatory Foods to Avoid

 Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Peppers and Eggplant can lead to Bone Inflammation triggering the episode of Osteoporosis(do linking osteoporosis explanation in Menopausal joint pain).These foods should not be totally avoided as they contain other vitamins and minerals too which are good for your health.


`Good bone health is equivalent to good joint health’

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Foods to avoid for bone health
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