Fatigue is one of the common symptoms in patients with joint pain. Exercise is crucial for people with joint pain but due to fatigue or stress they are not able to do exercise properly. But don’t worry about that you just not need an exercises like squat and bench press. You need a moderate exercises which will give you relieve from joint pain. Try exercises which help you to control your healthy weight and relieve from joint pain. These are 9 tricks which can help you to relieve from joint pain.

1). Warm Up properly.
Most of the people did not warm up properly before doing exercise, which can results into joint pain. For such instances, to avoid joint pain warm up your body properly before exercise. Warm up helps your muscle to relax before exercise. Five to ten minute easy warm up help your body to circulate blood properly and warm up your muscle. You can try an easy walk, bicycling or other warm up activities.

2). Mix up workouts:
Joint pain can be due to overuse of joints. So, do not do same exercise in your daily routine. Mix up your workout such as try running, yoga, swimming in alternate ways like once or twice a week. Do not put strain or pressure on your joints.

3). Try swimming:
Swimming can be the best exercise you if you are suffering from joint pain. As we know as much we get deeper inside the pool there is less pressure on our joints. Swimming also provides a relaxing and soothing affect to muscles around the joints. Swimming helps to provide relief from shoulder pain.

4). Wall Calf Stretch:
If you are suffering from knee pain, then wall calf stretch can be helpful for you. To do Wall Calf Stretch, face the wall, and position your heel right where floor meets the vertical surface. Your toe should be elevated and ankle should touch the floor. Keep your leg straight as possible, lean toward your front leg. Do this 10-15 times daily.

5). Wall Slide:

Leaning with your back against a wall, bend your knee 30 degrees. Sliding down the wall and then straighten up again. Do this repeatedly for 5-10 times. Do not allow knee to go over toes.

6). Step-ups:

Stand in front of the steps of stairs, about two feet high (or less if necessary). Step up onto the support, straighten your knees fully (without locking them) and step down. Maintain a steady pace. If you are comfortable with your balance, pump your arms while doing this exercise. Do this regularly.

7). Take time to stretch:
Take time to stretch the muscles before exercise. As tight muscle become stiff and decreases the normal movement of joints. So, stretch your muscle with proper exercise before doing exersice.

8). Use a foam roller:
Using of foam roller help to rehydration of fascia by stimulating its cells and helping fluid back into tissues. So do exercise by using foam roller. Foam roller can be helpful to relieve from joint pain.

9). Yoga
You can also try Yoga. As it contain a numbers of asanas (sitting postures) which can help you to relieve from joint pain. Use proper yoga cushions and yoga blocks while doing yoga to avoid unwanted pain.

These are the 9 ways which will help you to relieve from joint pain. Apart from it, Gently massage Dr .Ortho Ayurvedic oil for joint pain on affected area to relieve from joint pain. For optimal results, Use Dr.Ortho Ayurvedic joint pain oil along with Dr.Ortho Ayurvedic joint pain capsules for at-least 21 days

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