Early Symptoms of Joint Pain

Joint pain is common medical symptom which cause due to inflammation and swelling of joints. Most common symptoms of joint pain includes…

  1. Fatigue or malaise: Fatigue and too little sleep may be obvious due to joint pain. Due to joint pain people often feel depressed, headaches and sleepy on work time. Joint pain affects the emotion, mood, productivity, relationships, creativity and happiness of person.
  2. Fever like symptom: people with joint pain often feel raised temperature (up to 100.5°F) and feel achiness symptoms.
  3. Joint swelling: Due to joint pain joints swell slightly and gradually. Swollen joints are caused due to an increase in fluid that surrounds the joints. Swelling can cause stiffness and difficulties in routine work.
  4. Weight loss: weight loss is also associated with joint pain. Due to joint pain the energy expenditure of the body increased which cause the lack of appetite and more energy consumption in the body that leads to weight loss.
  5. Inconsistent joint pain: Most of the times, pain started in the fingers or feet which later affect the wrist, knees, ankles, shoulder and hips joint. In early days, joint pain is mild and affect joint over a period of days to month.
  6. Joint tenderness: The pain or tenderness elicited by touching the joints is common in joint pain patients. Due to this problem they feel difficulty in sleeping and other daily routine works.
  7. Redness: When joints are inflamed then they eventually turns red. The capillaries of the skin widened by the adjacent inflammations.
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Early symptoms of joint pain
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