For the joint pain there can be various reasons such growing age, sports injuries, life style, health issues, and unhealthy diet in some cases. Whatever the reason is, the pain of joints can make life of any person tough. So, it is always better to get a right solution at the right time to fight the problem, a little delay can lead to major issue.

You can use Dr. Ortho pain relief spray to give some relax to your aching joints. Dr. Ortho spray is an ayurvedic formulation to give relief from the sprain and strain of any body part like neck, shoulder, knees and back. The spray is easy to apply and easily gets absorbed into the affected body parts. The natural ingredients present in the spray help treat the cause of joint pains. Dr. Ortho Joint pain reliever spray is the natural remedy that can help in relieving lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and knee pain. Moreover, Dr. Ortho Spray for pain is also good to cure swollen joints, inflamed joints, stretched muscles, relieves painful muscles, useful in neck strain, and also helpful in curing Rheumatoid Arthritis.

This is one of the most famous pain relief sprays in India made of herbal oils which contain anti-inflammatory molecules and deliver broad spectrum of benefits in relieving from various pain conditions such as Back Pain, Muscle Pain, Knee Pain, Elbow Pain, Shoulder Pain and Knee Pain.

The main ingredients this the best pain relieving spray are alsi oil, nirgundi oil, gandhpura oil, malkangini oil, nilgiri oil, clove oil, tulsi oil, kapoor oil, peppermint oil and turpentine oil. All these oils are good to heal the pain of joints in a natural way without any side effects.

Pack Size & Price: Net Qty. 50ml at Rs. – 127

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Dr Ortho Jet Spray for Pain Relief
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