Dr. ortho Health tips in hindi

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Dr. Ortho Health Tips in Hindi
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  1. mere gardan me dard rahta or mere dono hatho me dard rahta hataho ki ungli me kafhi dard rahta hai please help me

  2. 37 year main knee me bahut dard hai

    • Dear Shiv Shankar Singh, For knee pain problems you can use Dr. Ortho Joint Pain oil and capsules. It is important to do exercise and daily yoga in such type of conditions. we will hope you will get well soon.

  3. mera kamar me dard ho raha h kuch dino se

    • For Back Pain you can use Dr. Ortho Oil

      • Mere kamar me dard rehata 5 varso se

        • Dr.Ortho Ayurvedic Oil is purely based on safe & harmless ayurvedic theory and specifically used for joint pain, Knee Pain, back ache,musculer sprain,arthiritis,stiffness of joints, sciatica.

          Method of Application: 5 to 10 ml or more depending upon the part affected .to be gently massage twice a day or as directed by the physician.

          Not to be used in open wounds or burns.
          Wash hands before and after use.

          Available at all leading medical stores in your city.
          For more information call us @ 0-171-3055-100.
          We wish you will also be benefited like thousands of persons.

  4. I am using this and get Result. its very effective ….

  5. Mere father ke ghutane me last 6 months se dard ho raha hai, unki age 55 year hai.
    What should I do
    Please help me

    • Joint pain is usually seen in this age. We advise you to use Dr Ortho. It is Ayurvedic in nature, manufactured by using time tested herbs which are highly beneficial in relieving from painful conditions like knee pain , joint pain , back pain etc. Dr. Ortho will help to get relieve from pain. If pain persist we advise you to please consult your Physician and find out the cause of pain. Thank you for interacting with us.

  6. Mary garden my kapesara dardhi hatmay dard huta hi pl hilpme

  7. Sir meri all body pain rehti hai koi solution bataye meri age 27 hai aapka bahut bahut thanks

    • We suggest you to find out the cause of this pain. Please consult your physician regarding this problem. There might be some other cause of pain so discuss with your physician and get all the tests done. Thanks for interacting with us.

  8. Sir mari right leg k gutne mai Jo gol si hadi hoti hai uske neeche dard hai koi upaae batao

  9. Mere ghutno air lover back pain hota hai 3 mahino she meri umr 19 saal hai

  10. mere Iliopsoas main dard hota hai 3 month ho gaye…kabhi kabhi ek side dard hota hai…bahut pain hoti hai…plz sir.

    • Kripya kisi hadiyo ke Doctor ko check-up karvaye, X-ray or apni physical jaanch karvaye. Doctor ki salah ke baad anya dawai ke sath, Dr Ortho oil/ointment/capsules/sprays ka prayog karein. Agar dard zyada hai aur lambe samay se hai to turant jaanch karvaye. Apna khayal rakhein.

  11. Mere ghutne me last 3 months se dard hota hai. jab beth ke khada hota hu to jyada dard hota hai.
    age 41 years. Please help me.

  12. I am suffering from spondalities pain since 6 months my neck , Hand & back side of chest is very painful. Pl suggest.

    • Hello, Thanks for your query. Kindly use any of our product Dr. Ortho Oil / Dr. Ortho Balm / Dr. Ortho Ointment for pain relief. But side by consult to a physiotherapist after x-ray. Moreover we recommend you to avoid prolonged sitting, forward head bend, hand weight lifting, and high pillow sleep. These things may help you to give relief from pain. Hope this will help you. Have a nice day.

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