Taking Care of joints and keeping them healthy is very important with growing age. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help to protect bones & joints. The thumb rule for keeping joints healthy is to keep body in motion as much as can, it will make joints active & flexible. Keep altering your positions frequently while Watching T.V, Working or Reading. Be active and develop a habit of taking breaks from your chair or desk.

Healthy joints mean an improved quality of life. Here are the ways to keep joints in perfect form:

add-color-to-your-dietAdd color to your Diet: Eat vegetables and fruits in a wide range of colors to get all nutrients, antioxidants, Vitamins and fiber etc.


include-vitaminsInclude Vitamins: Due to habit of eating junk food or processed food diet is short of multivitamins. Supplementing diet with multivitamins is good way to add adequate vitamins & minerals.


avoid-wearing-high-heelsAvoid wearing high heels: Heels are known for additional pressure on knees which further generates the risk of osteoarthritis. For people in fashion industry, it is an unavoidable case but otherwise it is better to avoid heels.


do-stretching-exercisesDo Stretching Exercises: Take time from your routine, to do stretching exercises like in office, while doing work etc. It not only strengthens muscles & ligaments but keep you more active also.


go-for-routine-check-upGo for Routine Check up: Visit your doctor at least once a year. Regular examination of joints from head to toe is beneficial. Take tips for healthy joints and preventing from daily wear & tear.


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Best tips to keep your joints healthy
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  1. great tips for healthy life.

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