drortho best ayurvedic oil for joint pain

Here, we have listed 8 essential oils for joint pain that works as a miracle. Essential oils can be helpful to provide relief from joint pain. If you suffer from joint pain the essential oils work as a miracle to relieve from joint pain. Essential oils help to combat with pain and possess anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic properties. Essential oils can easily absorbed by the skin and penetrate deep inside the joints. In Ayurveda, number of plants and herbs are described that will help to relieve from joint pain. These herbal oils are

  • Alsi oil:

alsi-oil57% of total fatty acids present in the alpha linoleic acid (ALA), which is one of the three omega 3 fatty acids. ALA helps to decrease the inflammatory compounds that cause joint pain. In flaxseed oil compound “Flavanoid” found which helps to lower the level of low density lipoproteins in body which are consider as bad cholesterol.

  • Camphor oil:

camphor-oilCamphor oil is helpful to relieve from muscle and joint pain when topically applied. Camphor oil is derived from the wood of the Cinnamomum camiphora tree. It absorbs easily on the skin and provides cooling and relaxing effect on the affected area.

  • Pepper mint:

pepper-mintPeppermint oil used for its fragrance but apart from it, pepper mint also helpful to relieve from inflammation. Peppermint leaves has high menthol content. Due to which it helps to provide a cooling effect on the affected area.


  • Cheed oil:

cheed-oilAlso known as pine oil. It is used in aromatherapy for its lubricating property. Cheed oil is phenolic disinfectants which possess mild antiseptic properties.


  • Gandapura oil:

gandapura-oilGandhpura is an Indian shrub that has been used from thousands of years for the treatment of joint pain. Methyl salicyclate is one of the major chemical constituents present in Gandhpura oil. Gandhpura oil possess anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, analgesic, antispasmodic, carminative, astringent, diuretic and stimulant when applied topically.

  • Nirgundi oil:

nirgundi-oilNirgundi oil is rich source of phenol, dulcitol and alkaloids. Nirgundi is versatile herb that helps to protect and relieve from various ailments. Nirgundi oil basically acts as analgesic and helps to protect body from joint and muscle pain.


  • Jyotishmati oil:

jyotishmati-oilJyotishmati is an ancient herb that used for its immense health related benefits. Jyotishamati taila is extracted from its seeds and extensively used to relieve from joint pain. Jyotishmati oil works as a cardio tonic and helps to increase the blood flow around the inflamed joints,. It works synergistically to relieve from joint and muscle pain.

  • Til oil:

till-oilTill oil or sesame oil assumed as a queen of essential oils as it is used from Vedic time for its multidisciplinary and versatile effects. Sesame oil helps joints to keep their flexibility. Sesame oil has been designated as one of the best alternative and complementary approach to reduce in pain associated with muscles, joints and shoulders.

You can use Dr.Ortho Ayurvedic oil which is the unique blend of these 8 essential herbal oils and formulated by using modern techniques. Use of Dr.Ortho Ayurvedic oil is completely safe as it doesn’t possess any type of adversity or side-effects.



Best Essential Oils for Joint Pain – Dr.Ortho
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