Back pain is one of the most common problems in young as well as old people. There are numbers of factors which can results in back pain. Among them, wrong sitting posture, slouching during walking time and continuously working on computer are some of the most common reasons of back pain.

Ayurveda is one of the best healthcare systems which is practiced since 500 B.C. in India. According to Ayurveda, balance between constitutions of our body is most important to perform body properly. There are three types of doshas or body constitution i.e. Vata, Kapha,Pitta. One of these doshas is dominant on our body. If imbalance between doshas occurs then it can cause impairment of various functions of body. In case of back pain, it is considered that the vata dosha gets imbalance or to get relieve from pain it is necessary to balance vata dosha.

Follow these steps to balance the doshas and get relieve from pain.

1). Oil Massage: Massage with Ayurvedic oils which help to balance the vata dosha. As Vata dosha is dry in form, so it is important to massage with special oils that helps to balance Vata doshas. Dr.Ortho Ayurvedic joint pain oil contains 8 potent validated herbs oil which are used to balance the vata dosha. First step, to balance the vata dosha in joint pain condition is gently massaging your back with Dr. Ortho oil.

2). Exercise and yoga:

Do exercise and yoga regularly. It helps to warm your body and removal of toxic substances through sweat. Consult your physician or physiotherapist to find out the best exercise or yoga asanas which will help you to relieve from back pain.

3). Ayurvedic medicine:

Lower back pain can be due to constipation and toxic substances present in colon. To relieve from these toxic substances you can use Dr.Ortho Ayurvedic joint pain capsules which helps to relieve from constipation and pacify the aggravated doshas. These capsules work synergistically to maintain the balance of Vata dosha.

4). Reduce weight: If your BMI (Body Mass Index) is more than normal ratio then you should have to control your body weight. If you are obese or overweight then you can perform some exercises and yoga postures as per consultation with your physician or physiotherapist.

5). Diet: Use healthy diets which are enriched with vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids. Eat seeds and nuts as they are great sources of protein, minerals, zinc and other life-enhancing nutrients. Small amount of Fish oil can be used to relieve from back pain as it is enriched with DHA and EPA which help to reduce inflammation of joint. Consult your Physician or Physiotherapist to find out a diet which helps you to relieve from back pain.

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