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Arthritis is commonly referred to joint pain or joint related disease. This disease is susceptible to people of any race, sex or age. It is disorder of any sex but it is usually found in women than men. It is a chronic, systemic, inflammatory, degenerative and progressive disorder.




include swelling or inflammation, pain, stiffness and redness. The range of symptoms can vary from mild, moderate to severe. The damage gradually increases and get worse with time; which is irreversible. It can cause permanent damage to the joints. It is the most misunderstood disease because of the similar symptoms. In India, arthritis affects 15% of total population, out of which osteoarthritis is 28.7%.


Different types of arthritis:-


  1. DEGENERATIVE ARTRITIS: Also known as osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis. The cushion surface wears off with time causing pain, swelling and stiffness. The various risk factors include age, physical injury, hereditary, overweight. It can be preventable by adopting active lifestyle, maintaining ideal weight, and repetitive movements.
  2. INFLAMMATORY ARTHRITIS: An uncontrolled inflammation of joints caused by auto-immune disorder. Rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis are the examples causing inflammation in the joints. With early diagnosis and aggressive treatments this arthritis is preventable.
  3. INFECTIOUS ARTHRITIS: Virus, bacteria or fungus are the main reason for causing inflammation. They enter in the joints through sexually transmitted disease, hepatitis C or food contamination and activate inflammation. These are cured by anti-biotic but sometimes becomes chronic.
  4. METABOLIC ARTHRITIS: The metabolic breakdown of purines forms uric acid which is found in food. The excessive accumulation of uric acid in joints results in intolerable pain. If goes untreated, it causes physical disability.
  5. SOFT TISSUE ARTHRITIS: The pain and often effects soft tissues supporting joints and bones. It is the result of overuse of body part or injury.



Very commonly NSAIDS or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are used for the treatment of pain and swelling in arthritis and related conditions. Prostaglandins are a hormone which promotes pain and swelling in the joints is blocked by NSAIDS. They ease the pain and swelling but, they expose the stomach lining for ulcers and bleeding. On which, with every NSAIDS taken with higher dose and prolonged usage increases the risk of heart disease, blood clotting, gastrointestinal complications, kidney damage.



ayurvedic approach for arthritisThe alternative medicine which keeps major organs complication at the bay is ayurvedic approach. The ayurveda not only helps in treating the disease but also uprooting the cause of disease and maintaining the balance of the five elements of life. These five elements includes: wind, water, earth, fire and space. The imbalance between these elements causes dosha, which are known as Vata, Pitta and Kapah.

The joint pain or stiffness can be caused by either vata dosha or ama toxins.  When the blood circulation, metabolism and absorption of nutrition is compromised, the bone formation and bone density is weakened, ultimately leads to the deterioration of bones; hence, pain.  The other type of pain is caused by ama formation which clogs the joints causing stiffness and discomfort. These types of pain in joints, for example; Dr. Ortho ayurvedic oil stands as shield of comfort. The unique formulation is known for the comfort from the pain and swelling.  To minimize pain the combination includes various oils of Ayurvedic herbs like Kapur Oil, Alsi Oil, Pudina Oil, Pine Oil, etc are used.


Dr. Ortho has been formulated using herbs carefully with long lasting relief from pain and swelling. It penetrates into the affected area resulting in quick relief with sustainable effect. Hope your pain goes by using Dr. Ortho products. Get well soon. Please like and share. Looking forward to your queries and comments.


An Ayurvedic approach to Arthritis
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