We all have some kind of habits. But some of our bad habits can really have a negative impact on our bones. These bad behaviours raise the risk of osteoporosis which makes our bones weak and more vulnerable to fractures. I’m going to list the habits which harm the bones and can be easily avoided.


Less consumption of Calcium

The calcium helps in increasing the bone density and maintaining normal blood calcium and should be consumed adequately. If the body does not get sufficient calcium then hypothyroid gland increases its secretion for maintaining blood level and which in turns removes calcium from bones.

Less Sun Exposure

From Sun we get Vitamin D which helps in increasing calcium and phosphorous absorption,enhances their uptake by the bones, and keeps blood level stable.The lack of vitamin D can cause osteoporosis.

Lack of exercise and activity

A regular exercise helps in increasing calcium and phosphorous mineralization in bones which helps in making the bone stronger.


We all know smoking kills and is very harmful for our health. Smoking reduces bone mass and increases risk of fractures.

Excessive salt in food

The excessive intake of salt is harmful for bones. The more we consume the more loss of calcium.


The antibiotics have become very common in our life.But antibiotics can be very harmful for our bones.So rather than taking antibiotics one should take help of ayurvedic treatment for arthritis,knee pain and other kinds of joint pains as it is a natural treatment and does not have any kind of side effects.

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