From the treasure of Ayurveda, here we are describing 6 best Ayurvedic herbs being used from traditional times to relieve from joint pain namely flaxseed oil, camphor oil, cheed oil, gandpura, Nirgundi and Till oil. Dr.Ortho Ayurvedic oil is enriched with these ingredients & get absorbs easily over the skin surface and penetrates deep inside the skin. Dr.Ortho Ayurvedic oil provides an instant relief from pain with long lasting results. Combination of these herbs benefits as:

  • Linum usitatissimum:It is also known as ‘Flaxseed oil/Linseed oil’ and has rich source of healing compounds and anti-inflammatory compounds. The flaxseed oil contains essential Fatty Acids specifically, omega 3-Fatty Acids, which has the capability to reduce inflammation in joints and muscles. Flaxseed oil also benefits in lessening of sudden and severe joint pain or swelling.
  • Cinnamomum camphora:It’s also known as ‘Camphor oil’ that has analgesic effects and helps in stimulating the blood circulation across cold, stiff muscles and limbs. Camphor oil is very useful in various painful conditions such as joint pain and sore pain.
  • Pinus roxburghii:The ‘Cheed oil’ is well known for analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity. The Cheed Oil is a rich source of saponins and flavonoids that has inhibitory effects on enzyme involved in the induction of inflammations. Thus, oil of ‘Cheed Pine’ is the best alternative for joint aches, swellings and pains.
  • Gaultheria fragrantissima: It is also known as ‘Gandapura’ and has anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties. The oil application of ‘Gandapura’ benefits in various pains associated with joints, muscles and rheumatism. Essential oil obtained from gandhpura leaves is antiseptic, carminative and stimulant and help to pacify Vata doshas.
  • Vitex negundo:It is also known as Nirgundi. Nirgundi is natural herbal product that help to pacify Vata and kapha doshas in the body. It helps to remove Ama toxin from the body and also helps to relieve from joint pain and aches. Nirgundi is of warm Veerya or potency and bitter in taste.
  • Sesamum indicum:It is also known as Till oil and one of the initial oil seed known to mankind. Seasame oil or gingelly oil contain chemical compounds such as sesamol (3,4-methylene-dioxyphenol),sesaminol, furyl-methanthiol, guajacol (2-methoxyphenol), phenylethanthiol and furaneol, vinylguacol, and decadienal. Seasame oil is one of the best oil which is used to relieve from joint pain. It posses anti-inflammatory properties and helpful in alleviating the pain associated with joints.
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  1. I have a knee pain since from 1 month . consult with doctor but till now nt gt relief.. plz help me wht to do…

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